Upcoming Event: ABCs of School Funding

Registraion is recommended for the Feb. 8 event: http://blainepta.weebly.com/martire.html

Interested in learning more about education funding? Check out this free discussion on Feb. 8, 2011: ABC’s of School Funding.

And coming soon the BGA begins a new program: Citizen Watchdogs of Education. We’ll teach you how to monitor the management of your local schools and how to understand those school budgets. More info soon!


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2 responses to “Upcoming Event: ABCs of School Funding

  1. jeff zupan

    I missed the School Funding Seminar. Will you be holding it again, I think we could really use it here in the south suburbs!!Please let me know. Maybe at South Suburban College in South Holland?

  2. Maureen

    Please do hold this again. I’m sure that CPS is different than other districts. Set up the sessions quarterly. Thanks.

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